Beauty DIY: Earrings, Makeup, and Skincare

Here at EarFleek, we love taking on new DIY projects. You might have seen our blog about 10 Earring Back Hacks, but we wanted to expand further into the realm of DIY crafts you can do at home to enhance your beauty routine. Whether you’re looking for an affordable solution to skincare or an innovative way to make your own eyeliner, you’ll find the hacks below easy to do yourself!


DIY Skincare Products

Who knew that making inexpensive exfoliators and moisturizers could be so easy! You can use basic ingredients from your kitchen to make the following skincare products.

DIY beauty

  • Hand Scrub

Keep your hands smooth and soft with a hand scrub made from virgin coconut oil and granulated white sugar. Combine equal parts oil and sugar into a paste then scrub over your hands. The sugar exfoliates away dead skin, promoting new skin growth. The coconut oil moisturizes your skin, leaving your hands soft. Rinse the mixture away with warm water and enjoy.

  • Lip Scrub

Combine 2 parts brown sugar, 1 part virgin coconut oil, and 1 part honey into a small container. Scoop a small amount onto your lips and gently rub them together to moisturize and exfoliate. The combination is totally edible and tastes delicious!


DIY Hair Care Products

Depending on the needs of your hair and scalp, there are a lot of fun things you can add to these DIY mixes. With all of these DIY products, you’ll want to shampoo them out gently after they’ve sat on your head for 15 – 60 min.

DIY beauty

  • Scalp Scrub for Dandruff

Combine equal parts olive oil, brown sugar, and baking soda. Part your hair and gently scrub the solution all over your scalp. The sugar exfoliates-away dead skin, while the olive oil and baking soda kills microbes that could contribute to dandruff. The olive oil will also leave your scalp and hair feeling soft and luscious, thanks to its moisturizing powers!

  • Hair Growth Scrub

Combine equal parts virgin coconut oil and instant coffee granules. Part your hair and gently scrub the mixture into your scalp until it’s covered. The caffeine in the coffee granules is meant to help stimulate hair growth, and it can also exfoliate your scalp, making way for new hair growth. Coconut oil helps to distribute the coffee granules while moisturizing the scalp and softening the hair.

  • Hair Moisturizers

Olive oil, argon oil, virgin coconut oil, and even CBD oil are all topical solutions that help to moisturize the hair and scalp. Again, olive oil and coconut oil are known for their anti-microbial properties that help to combat dandruff and fungus. Argon oil and CBD oil are especially nourishing for the scalp and hair. They strengthen the hair follicles, protecting them from breakage and split ends.

Massage one or more of these oils into your scalp. While rinsing, distribute the oils through the rest of your hair. Shampoo the excess oil away with gentle shampoo so as not to strip the hair of it’s new moisture!


DIY Cosmetics

Did you just run out of your favorite lip-gloss? Maybe you want to make unique eyeliner? We’ve got a few ideas for you below!

DIY Beauty

  • Liquid Eyeliner

The easiest solution is to use activated charcoal powder and water. Dip a damp eyeliner brush into the charcoal powder and you have black eyeliner! You can also use powdered eye shadow in place of charcoal powder. Make these eyeliners a bit thicker by mixing in a tiny bit of virgin coconut oil or aloe vera gel.

  • Lip Gloss

Add 2 tbsp each of beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil and 1 tbsp of olive oil to a mason jar. Place the mason jar into a small pot and fill the pot (not the jar!) with about 3 inches of water. Bring the water to a boil and wait for the wax and oils in the jar to melt. Once these are melted, take the jar out of the water and mix 10 drops of essential oils and 1/8 tsp of beetroot powder into the melted concoction. Pour the mixture into a small container and let it harden before using!


DIY Earrings

Create a unique look with some of the items you have laying around your house! Just be sure to sanitize anything you put through your ear piercing with rubbing alcohol first.

DIY earrings

  • DIY Safety Pin Earrings

After sanitizing a large safety pin, you can use it as an earring all on it’s own, or you can add a few items to it for a more unique look. Stack a few beads onto one end, or glue a decorative feather on the side for a boho look. You can also glue a small gem or cute button at the bottom to disguise the distinguishing safety-pin clasp. Keep in mind that safety pins are not made out of high-quality metal, so do not use them if you have sensitive skin.

  • Bedazzle Old Earrings

Spice up an old pair of hoops by gluing on small fake gems. You could also wrap the hoops in colorful thread, alternating colors to make a unique pattern. Hot-glue a small pompom or a seashell you collected to the end of one of your outdated stud or dangle earrings for a fun, unique look.



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