8 Stylish Ways to Mix and Match Your Earrings

Mixing and matching earrings

What better way to show off your unique style than by mixing and matching your earrings? We love the idea of combining earrings in new ways not only to complement your current style but also to create a custom look that shows off your piercings.

While you could easily just grab your favorite pieces and mismatch them together, there are a few creative ways to methodically mix and match your earrings in order to create a cohesive, stylish look. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of our favorite mix and match ideas below!

Themed Earrings

Mix and match themed earrings

Find two different pairs of earrings that, when combined, create a theme! Sometimes, you’ll be able to buy sets of themed earrings – a popular one is a moon and planet.

Mix and match earrings

At EarFleek, we have a huge selection of cute earrings that are super easy to mix and match. Use a bunny on one ear and a carrot on the other for a springtime theme.

Mix and Match Colors

Mix and match color earrings

Combine earrings of different colors to enhance your vibrant style. Use the color wheel for inspiration! Mix complementary colors for a bold pop, or use analogous colors (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel like red, orange, and yellow) to create a gradient effect.

Studs and Dangle Earrings

Mix and match dangle earrings
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Combine different lengths of earrings to add dimension to your look. Wear dangling earrings in your bottom-most piercing and highlight them with multiple small studs in your other piercings. Think of your dangling earring as a statement piece!

Studs and Hoops

Mix and match hoop earrings

Like with the dangles and studs, wearing hoops and studs creates a beautiful, multi-dimensional appearance. We especially love combining large, minimalistic hoops with a simple stud: the result is a bold yet classy look.

Similar Studs

Mix and match stud earrings

Combine any assortment of small stud earrings to achieve a cute or dainty look. We recommend sticking to the same type of metal when doing this if you’re aiming to create a sense of cohesion. Or, feel free to go crazy with the colors and materials for a more zesty style!

Different Styles, Same Metals

Mix and match bar earrings

In contrast to using all studs, we like the idea of using studs, hoops, bars, and other earring styles to craft a look that shows off your piercings and diverse earring collection. When combining multiple different styles, sticking to the same metal or color will help to create a cohesive, intentional look.


Mismatched earrings
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Don’t be afraid to deck-out one ear with a statement earring and the other ear with a smaller, complementary earring. Style your hair around your statement earring by wearing a ponytail on one side to show it off, or by simply pinning your hair behind your ear to make sure your stylish earring is seen.

Some stores even sell earrings as singles now so you can easily find that one perfect statement earring. Wear smaller earrings, like pearl or diamond studs, on the other ear to allow your statement earring to stand out.

Keeping it Simple with Sizes

Mix and match stud earrings

Round, neutral studs like pearls and diamonds are classic and minimalistic. Combine a couple of these on one ear to create a simple, classy, customized look. Craft a dimensional look using a series of the same style of stud but of different sizes.

Mixing and Matching Has Never Been Easier!

Mix and matched earrings

Having a large earring collection is one way to make sure that you always have plenty of pieces to mix and match. You’ll never run out of unique combinations! EarFleek’s monthly subscription makes it easy to expand your collection with cute earrings that are super easy to pair together. Use code BLOG to get 50% off your first month here.



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