How To Audition For A Reality TV Show

You might have been a die-hard Bachelor fan from back in the day, or maybe you’ve spent the last few months in lockdown binging Too Hot To Handle. Either way, you know your Love Island from your Next and you’re ready to take the next step – becoming a reality star yourself. But with everyone wanting their shot at money, love, and fame, how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are our insider tips on how to audition for a reality TV show.

Develop A Following

Casting directors don’t spend months sitting around waiting for the right person to reply, they get out there and find them. So by making yourself known in the sphere you’re hoping to break into, you’re putting yourself right in front of the people you want to be seen by. It can be hard to build those follower numbers when you need them, but think about the ladies of The Bachelor and how they have a handful of fans of their own before they make it onto the small screen.

Make A Good First Impression

What you wear, how you say hello, the way you walk into the audition room, whether you’ve showered that day – it all counts. While some reality stars can be hot messes, you still need to be putting your best food forward. This starts with your application; think about how it comes across with the tone, whether you’re spelling correctly, and continue that same ‘overthinking’ process through to the audition. Make sure your outfit is cute, but reflective of who you are. A pair of earrings can be a fun but subtle way to let your personality shine. Always be polite and kind, and show that you’re happy to be there.

Amplify Your Personality (But Be Yourself)

It’s strange, conflicting advice, but it’s perhaps the most important. Think about the most memorable people on your favourite shows… You may love them or hate them, but they’re bold, they’re one-of-a-kind, and they’re authentically themselves. At the end of the day, producers and casting directors are looking for people who can sell their show, so if you have to amplify certain parts of your personality, that’s okay – just remember not to be someone completely different. And sometimes the best stars are the most wholesome and humble.

Practise Speaking In Front Of A Camera

It doesn’t matter how cool or confident you are, speaking in front of a camera is a whole new experience. The producers and casting directors will do their best to make you comfortable, but if you can step into the audition room and wow them without any queues you’ll be sure to leave a good impression. It doesn’t matter if you’re filming yourself on your family’s old hand-cam or making videos for TikTok, spending time on the end of the lens is one thing you need to know to land the reality role of your dreams.

Sign Up For Acting Classes

We know it’s ‘reality’, but the truth is that’s one of the biggest myths of our generation. It’s not like you’re auditioning for Grey’s Anatomy and need to be able to cry on queue, but acting classes can teach you more than that. You’ll gain the confidence needed to catch the producer’s eye. Classes are also wonderful for helping with speech coaching, something that’s crucial in the world of reality, and games that encourage you to think on your feet and come up with funny one-liners in the moment. Acting classes aren’t a must for landing the part, but they absolutely go a long way in the industry. And one of the pandemic silver-linings means there’s plenty of free online classes, and even more time to get practicing!

What reality TV show will you be auditioning for? Let us know in the comments below!

Tess Patrick
Tess Patrick

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