Our Favorite Jewelry Trends for Fall 2020

Autumn is upon us, and with the changing of seasons comes the changing of style. Although fall fashion always involves warm colors and cozy clothing, fall 2020 has some unique surprises in store that go beyond the mold.

Here at EarFleek, one of our priorities is keeping up with jewelry trends. Below are some of the trends that you can expect to see on runways, sidewalks, and news feeds this season!

Mixed Materials

Put away your velvet chokers and jelly bracelets: natural materials are in this fall. Common metals like silver and gold will be an essential element in jewelry. Expect to see these combined with other materials like wood or pearls.

Mixed materials gold and pearl

We’re usually taught not to mix-and-match metals, but wearing gold and silver together will be in this season! Execute this look by layering bracelets or necklaces of contrasting metals.

Pearl earring trends fall

Pearls are coming in strong this fall, too. Keep an eye out for jewelry that combines elements of metal and pearls, as these pieces will be the epitome of fashion in fall 2020.

Thick and Tubular

Fall 2020 is all about the heavy metals. You can expect to see large, tubular pieces of jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Tubular earring trends for 2020

Large silver or gold collar necklaces are absolutely in. A tubular bracelet or thick hoop or dangling earring are also great ways to incorporate this bold look into your autumn outfit.

Chunky Chains

Everybody loves a good chunky sweater, but how about a chunky chain? They’re metal, they’re thick, and they’re so in right now. Chains offer ample opportunity to layer materials like silver and gold – it’s a great way to satisfy two of the top trends this season!

Chains are commonly worn in necklace form, but a wide chain bracelet is a slick way to sneak in this fashion trend.

Twisted Gold Chain Link Stud Earrings

We especially love the way these earrings combine a twisted chain-look with the warmth of rose gold.

Costume Gems

If you’re big into bling, then don’t fret – costume gems are returning to popularity this fall. The theme of thick shapes and metal-focused materials marries the fun look of fake gems to create this popular fall look.

We love the way this necklace combines a gold chain with flashy gems – it’s the perfect autumn accessory!

Chain necklace with gems

Costume jewelry featuring big, bold gems was very popular back in the 1930s, so it’s fun to see it make a comeback this fall! You can learn more about the jewelry trends of previous decades in this blog.

Silver Pear Cut Crystal Dangle Earrings

You can get your hands on the glamourous gems above on our website, or you might even find them in your next EarFleek subscription box!

Daring Dangles

Dangling jewelry can come in all shapes in sizes, but the stuff that will be popular this season is going to be big and bold. All of the aforementioned-trends apply when it comes to 2020 dangles.

Chandelier necklace

Our Gold Chain Earring Dangles are the perfect combination of dangles, chains, and metal.

Gold chain dangling earrings

Keep Up With The Latest Trends

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Written by Megan
Written by Megan

Megan is a writer and digital marketer living in the Pacific Northwest who subsists mostly on coffee. As a lover of travel, cat fostering, and cocktail making, she has a hard time deciding how to spend her free time (and usually just ends up watching Netflix).



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