Winter Fashion Trends to Rock in 2020-2021

Winter 2020 is officially here, and with 2021 right around the corner, many of us have been looking at ways to freshen up our wardrobe. For those times when you want to get a little dressed up for your next Zoom hangout or clean up a bit for your brisk morning walk, we’re here to help. Below are some of the top fashion trends that you’ll want to rock in winter 2020 and 2021.

Puffy Jackets, But Cropped

Cropped winter jacket

Remember how crop tops were a trend this fall? Well, that style of top is still in fashion this winter, but in a slightly different form. Keep an eye out for cropped puffy jackets in your local stores. We love this combo of the traditional winter coat with a bit of a modern twist.

Fitted Trench Coats

Winter trench coat

The total opposite of puffy jackets has also made it on the list as one of this winter’s necessities – fitted trench coats. Long tailored coats are timeless, but they’re making an especially strong impact on the fashion scene this year. While warm, jewel-toned coats will always look fantastic in the winter, earth tones are more 2020. Keep an eye out for gold, sand, rust, or mustard colors.

Quilted Patterns

Quilted winter jacket

Coziness can also be stylish, especially with this winter’s trend of quilted fabrics. No, we’re not talking about the mismatch of colors and patterns that can be found on your grandma’s quilted blanket. The kind of quilted patterns you can expect to see will be a lot more subtle – one color, one pattern, but with that traditional quilted crosshatching.

Bold, Gold Jewelry

Trendy gold necklace

Big, chunky jewelry has been prominent on the fashion scene and will still be a trend throughout winter. Thick, short chains have been especially popular, particularly in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings. Stick to gold as your metal, and complement it with some pearls for the ultimate touch. You can read more about the other jewelry trends of 2020 in this blog.

Earthy, Warm, and Colorful

Orange winter coat

No matter the clothes you pick, you’ll notice some popular colors while shopping in 2020. As mentioned above, bold earthy tones ranging from light sandy colors to rusty oranges will be a popular choice in fashion. Keep things colorful with a pop of olive, emerald green, or ruby red.

As we near 2021, we expect to see these color trends shift to include buttery yellow and soft greys.

Yellow and grey outfit

Keep Up with Trends Year-Round

Earring trends

Winter has just started, but, unlike 2020, it won’t be over any time soon! Now is the perfect time to start expanding your winter wardrobe. EarFleek can help you with the jewelry-side of things with our monthly earring subscription boxes! They’re the perfect way to keep up with jewelry trends all year long. Gift yourself or a loved one with a subscription and get 50% off the first month when you use code BLOG. Get started here!

Written by Megan
Written by Megan

Megan is a writer and digital marketer living in the Pacific Northwest who subsists mostly on coffee. As a lover of travel, cat fostering, and cocktail making, she has a hard time deciding how to spend her free time (and usually just ends up watching Netflix).


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