DIY Earring Backs

Lost an earring back again?

Here’s some quick fixes to keep your earring on when the backing has disappeared into the land of missing left socks.

  1. Pencil eraser –  Although this is the most known, pencils are a dying breed.  If you happen to have a No. 2 near by, definitely use it, but if instead you’re part of the paperless trend here are some alternatives.
  2. Tape – Scotch, painters, electrical, or duct, any variety will do.  In an earring back emergency, fold up some tape and poke your earring through to secure.
  3. Rubber band – Here’s another office supply that you can snag in a pinch.  Just poke the earring through the rubber band then trim each side.  For heavier earrings or the extra careful wearer, double up the punctures by folding over the band.
  4. Wine cork – Be you a sommelier or a lush, remove a tiny piece of cork from your open bottle to keep your earring right where it belongs.
  5. Unchewed gum – UNCHEWED… just wanted to make sure that part was clear.  Chewing it first could lead to a very interesting new haircut.  Just break off a piece and voila!  A new earring back awaits you.
  6. Lint roller – Follow the same instructions as the tape.  I love these two options because I feel the the adhesive adds extra support.
  7. Stress ball – Your earring back came off somewhere, you’re so upset you reach for your trusty stress ball, and the most brilliant idea takes hold!  Just rip off a tiny chunk to get you through the day!
  8. Gummy bear or any fruit snack –  I think you’re starting to get the picture… just rip or cut off a chunk and slide the earring through.
  9. Red wax on Babybel cheese – So I snack a lot…  Babybel or any similarly contained food will work by just ripping off a part of the waxy wrapper.
  10. Earplugs – Our final hack is another ear accoutramont.  Earplugs’ spongy texture is perfect for a makeshift earring back.  Cut or rip off a tiny piece of it and keep your earrings where they belong all night long.

These are all great when you need a quick fix for a lost earring back, but for long term fixes craft stores all carry replacement backings, and Amazon is a sure bet if you don’t feel like leaving the house.