What Skin Type Are You?

Face masks and beauty routines, looking after our skin is one of the most important rituals we can create in our life. But how do we know if we’re doing it right? Each face has a different set of needs to the next. Until you find out, you could be getting the wrong beauty products off the shelves and doing your skin more harm than good. We know the struggle, so we’ve done the hard work. The only question left is, what skin type are you?

Normal Skin Type

It’s not to say your skin isn’t beautiful, but rather it sits somewhere in the middle of the different types. Neither oily nor dry, very few imperfections, barely there pores, and a radiant glow. You’re one of the genetically blessed, so make sure you take care of your skin and it’ll shine bright for years to come.

Dry Skin Type

If your skin is thirsty for a big drink of hydration, chances are you’ve got a naturally dry complexion. It may just manifest in different ways. Your pores are likely barely visible and your complexion may be a bit more dull in colour. It may feel dry to touch and at times flakey. Because of a lack of water, you may even have less elasticity and bounce in your skin.

It can be because of numerous factors, from your genes to the type of skincare you’re using. So make sure you treat your skin gently, invest in nourishing products, and take care in extreme environments.

Oily Skin Type

While we’re all looking for that fresh-faced glow, we don’t want to be left looking like a disco ball. When there’s an excess of sebum production in the skin, we end up with the dull but thick and shiny complexion typical of oily skin. The oil can become the perfect environment for imperfections like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or cystic acne. Enlarged pores can also be a clear indicator of an oily skin type.

It can become aggravated by environmental stress and hormonal imbalances, but if you take care of your skin you’ll be able to manage the oil levels. Don’t be tempted to wash it more than twice a day and remember not to touch your face – at all costs. Products with the word ‘noncomedogenic’ on the pottle mean they won’t clog your pores!

Sensitive Skin Type

If your skin freaks out, no matter what you do to try and save it, you’ve most likely got a sensitive skin type. So be gentle, use a very basic and natural skin routine, and make sure you listen to it’s needs. It can manifest as redness, itching, burning, and dryness, as well as inflammation and breakouts.

When you’re trying to figure out what causes your skin to flare up, try slowly eliminating and re-introducing different skin products and foods (dairy, gluten, and sugar are big ones) one at a time.

Combination Skin Type

You’re the mixed bag, the life of the party! Anything goes when it comes to your skin, so listen to what it needs each day. It may be characterized by an oily T-Zone and breakouts along the jawline. Blackheads are common, as are open, larger-appearing pores. Even though it may be oily, take care to give those dryer parts the love they need over cooler, dryer months.

Do you know your skin type? Let us know your go-to routine…
Tess Patrick
Tess Patrick

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