Men’s Earrings: Popular Picks and Style Tips

Whether you’re considering getting your ears pierced for the first time or you’re a seasoned earring veteran, it’s always helpful to brush up on your earring basics and keep in touch with the latest trends.

Guys can rock anything from a sturdy stud to a dazzling dangle. Shake up your current style or get some guidance on where to start with our tips below!

Earring Essentials for Men

Every earring collection needs a few essentials. Studs, for example, are a staple that we can’t live without.

Diamond stud men's earring

If you’re going for a traditionally masculine look, we recommend the always-trendy diamond stud. It can go with any outfit for any occasion. It’s an earring that you can leave in and easily forget about (in a good way!), so if ease and simplicity is your thing, then you’ll especially love these.

Your earring essentials should also include some form of hoops. For a traditional men’s look, we recommend a small hoop that hugs the ear lobe. Something with a thicker band will create a masculine feel. But, who doesn’t love a big hoop? We’re seeing more and more men rock this style.

No matter the size of your hoops, standard metals or neutral colors are a must for your basic essentials, as they’ll go with anything. Think matte black, gold, or sterling silver. 

Who could forget about dangles? Picking something small in a neutral color will allow you to pair this piece with any outfit – that’s what makes it an essential!

Picking an Earring for Your Face Shape

Use your face shape as inspiration when building or expanding upon your earring collection.

The common face shapes include heart, oval, round, long, square, diamond, and heart. Complement your face’s unique shape by choosing the right size and length of earring.

Dangling cross earrings for men

We find that longer, dangling earrings look best with round, diamond, and heart-shaped faces. Why? Because they can either elongate the face or balance out a narrow chin.

Long, straight bars (as seen in an industrial piercing, for example), are also a great pick for creating this effect on round faces. Our gold bar dangle earrings are the best of both worlds!

Gold bar dangle earrings

Stud earrings are wonderful for oval faces, as they accentuate the cheekbones. Long faces tend to appear narrow, so you can complement this shape with a wide earring.

Rocking a square face? Contrast this with a round hoop or gauge and you’re good to go!

Round hoops for square jaws

For the male face in particular, you could consider complementing a square jawline with a round earring like a stud or small hoop. Men with round faces might be interested in testing out a square stud, like our rose gold cube stud earrings below.

Rose gold cube stud earrings

We go into a lot more detail on our blog dedicated to face shapes. You can check it out here!

Quick Fashion Tips for Men with Earrings

Matching your earrings to your outfit is a small yet important part of creating a cohesive look. Keep these simple tips in mind for fashion success:

  • Match metals: whatever metal is in your outfit should match the metal in your earrings, too. Whether it be cufflinks or a belt buckle, sticking to the same metal will create a sense of cohesion. When rocking multiple earrings, stick to the same type of metal. This will make things look intentional and clean.
  • Know when to use statement pieces: this is true for every earring wearer. Statement pieces look best when they’re used for just that: making a statement. You will want to show these off by letting them take center stage. In other words, go ham with the big bling when the rest of your outfit isn’t so bold. This lets your earrings stand out without making your whole outfit look too busy.
  • When at work: sticking to something simplistic is pretty much always a safe bet in the workplace. This is where your earring essentials will really come in handy! You can’t go wrong with a small stud earring – and we’re talking about the simple ones, here, like round of square studs. Novelty studs (think: skulls with red gemstones for eyes) might grab a little more attention. We’d hope your workplace is down with that, but we know the reality is that not all of them are. A small, snug hoop is also typically a safe bet for workplace piercings.  

Earrings That Come to You

Men's earrings

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Written by Megan
Written by Megan

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