Earrings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac: everyone has some sort of relationship to it. Some dismiss it, some abide by it, and others keep up with it just for fun. No matter how you view your sign, you’re sure to find some style inspiration from our earring guide below!

Earrings for the zodiac signs.

We’ve picked the best earring styles to match the personality types associated with each sign. Let us know in the comments if you agree with these matches!


March 21 – April 19 (Fire Sign)

Quick, competitive, adventurous, energetic, courageous, enthusiastic, impulsive, and daredevilish.

Show your adventurous side with a hip helix or bold industrial barbell earring. These cartilage-based piercings will show that you’re not afraid to express your style!

Cartilage earrings


April 20 – May 20 (Earth Sign)

Strong, dependable, patient, reliable, warmhearted, persistent, and creative.

Bring out the earthiness in this earth sign with some natural materials in the form of tassel earrings. We love the look of leather-lookalike or neutral-colored tassels. This will also show your creative tendencies! Check out one of our favorite tassel earrings on our website.

Tassel earrings


May 21 – June 20 (Air Sign)

Versatile, expressive, curious, adaptable, witty, intellectual, youthful, and cunning.

Nothing is more versatile and adaptable than hoops. (Yes, we took those character traits literally.) The great thing about hoops is that there are so many styles you can choose from to express your bold personality with.

Hoop earrings


June 21 – July 22 (Water Sign)

Intuitive, sentimental, compassionate, emotional, loving, cautious, and imaginative.

This water sign needs an earing that expresses just how sentimental it can be. The drop earring is the perfect fit for Cancer’s characteristics. It’s an elegant style that evokes maturity and romance. 

Drop earrings


July 23 – August 22 (Fire Sign)

Dramatic, outgoing, fiery, self-assured, creative, enthusiastic, and pompous.

Just like the lion that symbolizes this fire sign, the character traits of a Leo are big and bold. Don’t hold back – show how bold you can truly be with a dangling pair of chandelier earrings. Go the extra mile with some fiery red gems.

Chandelier earrings


August 23 – September 22 (Earth Sign)

Practical, loyal, gentle, analytical, modest, shy, meticulous, and intellectual.

This down-to-earth earth sign demands an earring style that reflects its practical side. Minimalist earrings are the perfect solution. Various types of studs and dangles fit perfectly into this category. Check out our collection of minimalist earrings here.

Minimalist earrings


September 23 – October 22 (Air Sign)

Sociable, diplomatic, gracious, charming, easygoing, and indecisive.

Feeling a little indecisive? Go with studs – a reliable, diverse style of earring. Pick a stud earring that’s a little more colorful and fun when you’re feeling sociable and want your earrings to be a conversation piece.

Stud earrings


October 23 – November 21 (Water Sign)

Passionate, resourceful, brave, determined, emotional, passionate, and exciting.

Nothing says passionate more than teardrop earrings. These also evoke water imagery, which will pair well with this water sign. Or, why not visualize your sign directly with this pair of scorpion earrings?

Teardrop earring


November 22 – December 21 (Fire Sign)

Extroverted, funny, optimistic, freedom-loving, honest, and straightforward.

This fire sign is symbolized by a bow and arrow. Gem earrings would certainly bring out the fiery side of this sign, but we have an even better idea if you really want to hit the nail on the head. EarFleek has bow and arrow earrings in stock! Click here to represent your sign, Sagittarius!

EarFleek earrings


December 22 – January 19 (Earth Sign)

Serious, independent, disciplined, practical, ambitious, patient, and reserved.

Diamonds are a stone from deep within the earth. This versatile gem is absolutely practical, as it can be found in anything from studs to dangles and more. The practical and reserved side of Capricorn, an earth sign, may be apt to select simple diamond studs.

Diamond earrings


January 20 – February 18 (Air Sign)

Imaginative, original, humanitarian, inventive, independent, intellectual, and contrary.

A sign that’s associated with imaginativeness and originality has to grab a pair of earrings that reflect these traits. Nothing fits the bill better than a pair of dangles! With so many unique styles of dangle earrings, the Aquarius will always be certain to find something to fit their mood, whether it’s silly, creative, or bold. Check out these unique gold chair earrings we have available at EarFleek!

Dangle earrings


February 19 – March 20 (Water Sign)

Affectionate, empathetic, wise, artistic, sensitive, compassionate, and escapist.

There’s a sensitive side to every Pisces, and there’s no better way to pair that characteristic with this water sign than with pearls. These timeless earrings will add a soft side to your outfit. Or, get a little more artistic and express your water sign with our Pink Angelfish Stud Earrings.

Pearl earrings

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Written by Megan

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