Common Earring Styling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Jewelry lovers everywhere know that mixing and matching earrings is a tricky business. Picking pieces that complement each other can make all the difference for your overall look. Below, we examine some ways to rock multiple earrings without falling into common styling traps!

Stacking Earrings

Stacked earrings

Having multiple ear piercings opens up so much opportunity to mix and match earrings. When pairing multiple earrings, you’ll want to be careful to not create a visual imbalance.

Stacked earrings

The general rule is to leave larger earrings for your lowest piercing, like your bottom lobe. Pick smaller earrings, like cusps or studs, for higher on your lobe or cartilage. Keeping the smaller earrings on the top and the larger pieces on the bottom helps to create a balanced look. This way, you can fully adorn your ear without making it looked weighed down.

Mixing Metals

Matching earrings

Even if you mix styles, colors, etc., one way to make sure that your mixing-and-matching still looks intentional and stylish is to make sure that your metals match. Donning a silver hoop? Then the prongs/posts on your other earrings should also be silver. This simple rule applies to your other jewelry, too! 

Bulky Backings

Some earrings come with big, bulky backings. Not only can these be uncomfortable, but they can also take away from the beauty of your earrings, especially when seen from the back.

Earring backing

You can replace bulky backings with small plastic plug backings, as seen above. These can be ordered online or borrowed from another pair of earrings that may have come with them. You can also shop specifically for earrings that are “threadless” or on a “flatback”. These backing styles offer a clean look. Their smaller size makes them more comfortable and easier to pair with multiple earrings on one ear.

Face Shape

Stud earrings

Whether you have a round, oval, heart, or square face, there are some earring styles that work particularly well to complement your natural shape. For example, studs can complement long, oval faces while round hoops complement square faces.

Finding the right earring style to complement your face shape is easy! Our guide can help you find some great new ideas for earrings that will highlight your natural beauty.

Hair that Showcases Your Earrings

Hairstyle for earrings

Wearing a statement piece? Don’t let it hide behind your luscious locks! Even when you’re wearing your hair down, you can style it in a way that lets your earrings shine. Wear a long braid, half up half down, or the simple hair-behind-ear. Pin it back with a cute clip to match.

Don’t Let Your Earring Collection Go Stale

Mix and matched earrings

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