Best Vanity Ideas for Jewelry Organization

As avid earring lovers, we know just how important it is to have a way to store your jewelry in a neat, organized manner. We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to wrangle a stray earring from a tangled necklace and it is NOT FUN!

Thankfully, there are loads of vanity ideas out there that make jewelry organizing easy. Not only will these tips help you keep your jewelry neat and tidy, but they’ll also add a fun aesthetic to your vanity!

Jewelry Dishes

Jewelry dishes are an essential that every vanity needs. They’re cute and accessible, making it easy to temporarily remove jewelry without misplacing it.

If you have a favorite piece of jewelry that you like to wear every day, you can take it off and place it in a jewelry dish while you sleep for safe keeping. Need to remove your rings while you wash your hands? Place them in the jewelry dish! Don’t want to sleep with your earrings in? Into the jewelry dish they go! You won’t have to worry about misplacing your favorite accessories as they’ll be right there when you’re ready to put them back on.

Of course, that’s just one perk of jewelry dishes. They’re also a super cute and simple accessory for your vanity. It’s an accessory that holds your accessories! (Too cheesy?)

Jewelry plate with earrings

Keep it simple and classy with a ceramic jewelry dish to hold your earrings, or adopt an elegant look as seen with the mirrored plate above.

Get Creative with Cork

Imagine having a cork board, but for your earrings! Cork boards work especially well with earrings, since most earrings can easily be pierced into the cork and hang on their own. Cork boards are also an easy way to expand storage space if your vanity top is getting a little crowded.

Buy cute, decorative push-pins for your jewelry cork board. You can hang necklaces or hoop earrings on these!

Hanging earrings on cork vanity storage

Get creative with cork from your local craft store and cut it into shapes before applying it to the wall above your vanity. You could go for a geometric design or cut out simple strips. Take this opportunity to get creative!

Decorative earring organization

If the traditional cork aesthetic isn’t your thing, place some decorative wrapping paper or scrapbook paper over your corkboard. We love how this look turned out in the image above!

Fun fact: Did you know that cork makes for a great emergency earring backer? Check out our blog about earring back hacks to learn more!

Bottles and Jars

Cork brings us to our next idea: bottles. Small apothecary bottles, which often have cork plugs, are the perfect place to store earrings or delicate necklaces. Not only are they cute, but their transparency lets you show off your jewelry. Our favorite part is that they’re small and easy to organize in a drawer or box.

Mason jars hold earrings

Don’t have apothecary bottles lying around the house? Search for mason jars instead! Mason jars are the trend that never dies – probably because they’re just so practical! These come in all shapes and sizes, but we recommend getting small, squat mason jars for your jewelry. These are great for items that are unlikely to get tangled, like rings and bracelets.

Jewelry Dividers

Jewelry divider for earrings

This is a staple for any vanity – especially one with drawers. Keep your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets separated but easily accessible by using one of these babies.

We like keeping our jewelry dividers in drawers so that they don’t take up counter space on the vanity.

Hang Jewelry on Wire Boards

Wire panel for hanging earrings

You might have seen grid wire boards used in place of cork boards before. These are another great way to expand your storage space vertically. As with a cork board, you can place a wire panel above your vanity to give yourself more room to hang things.

Grid wire board panel for hanging earrings

With all the space that comes with a wire board, you might get tempted to clip on some of your favorite photos or motivational reminders, and to that, we say YAS!

Making Space for More

You’ve got jars, you’ve got dividers, and you’ve got jewelry dishes. Where do you put those when you start running out of space? We say, go vertical! You can add some floating shelves over your vanity to create extra space to display your newly organized jewelry.

Floating shelves for jewelry

We also love the idea of a small shelf that can sit on your vanity. Something that doesn’t take up too much surface space but does add height and more areas to store things could be a great solution.

Jewelry vanity shelves

More Earrings? No Problem!

How did we get so good at organizing our vanities? With practice, of course! As earring fanatics ourselves, we use these tips to keep our sanity when organizing our vanities.

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