Fashion Trends Over The Decades

There’s something exciting about been a trend-setter, rather than a fashion follower. But aside from a stroke of creative genius, what does it take to be in the frontlines of fashion? One of the best ways of showing off your knowledge of couture is revisiting some of the hottest fashion trends over the decades. You don’t need to dress head to toe, but taking a little inspiration from fashion icons past is a quick, easy way to re-invent your wardrobe.

1910s: Corsets

Corsets were some misogynistic crap of the past, where women were forced into tiny tailored corsets to look a certain way. The ones you’ll find today are a different story. Cropped and layered over a baggy white tee is a trend we don’t see going anywhere, any time soon, or you could even be that bit more adventurous and throw one on the outside of your dress. The choice is yours – and we’re not mad about that.

1920s: Sequins

A good sequin never goes anywhere in the fashion world, and the glitz and glam of the look stems from the Roaring 20s. You don’t have to dress like Daisy Buchanan to channel your Great Gatsby, but a little sparkle never goes astray when dressing to impress. You can even dress down a sequin top with some vintage jeans for a French-girl-cool look.

1930s: Minimalism & Accessories

Coming out of the war, a lot of people faced great financial strain. But we can learn a thing or two from the 30s – fashion doesn’t have to be expensive! Minimalist wardrobes are so in right now, with people investing in timeless staples and making the look their own with some beautiful accessories. This may be a sentimental necklace, or funky and inexpensive earrings to brighten up your outfit.

1940s: Puffed Sleeves

We promise you this easy-chic trend is here to stay. The 40s were all about creating a shape in the easiest way, and puff sleeves were the best way to do this! Plus they’re everywhere at the moment, so it’s easy to find a shirt that’s uniquely you.

1950s: Pin-Up Pants

If poodle skirts and matching cardigans don’t come to mind, you’ve obviously never seen Grease. But the ever-lasting impression the 50s had on fashion is often cast to the side. Think pin-up models and even Sandy at the school fair. Tight cigarette pants, big hair, red lips? This is the ultimate mood. Too much can look a little costumey, but if you take a bit of inspiration, it’s to-die-for.

1960s: White Boots

Go-Go girls may be a thing of the past, but their boots are here to stay. They’re not always the same square, mid thigh cut that made the era famous, but no wardrobe should be complete without a pair of white leather boots. With jeans or dresses, these boots always add an element of 60s chic in a modern world.

1970s: Flared Trousers

Janis Joplin, Jane Birkin, Farrah Fawcett – all the cool girls were wearing them then. And they are again today. High waisted flares have always been a flattering cut; they hug you in all the right places. Whether you’re opting for a classic denim jean with a crisp white shirt or channelling your inner boho babe with a funky patterned pair to make up for those Coachella vibes we missed this April.

1980s: Boxy Shoulder Pads

If you follow any of the influencer brigade, you’ll know that big boxy blazers are back in vogue. The bonus? The more vintage, the better. What makes these jackets so chic is a trend straight out of the 80s; shoulder pads. They were a defining feature of that flashback episode of Gossip Girl, and of the decade in general. When the 90s came around, most of the shoulder pads were removed and discarded, but the rare few that remain should be treasured forever.

1990s: Mom Jeans

Ahhh, the coveted Levi’s peach. You’ve seen it on Instagram, depop, Tumblr, and wherever you get your inspo from. The hardest part is trawling the vintage stores for the perfect fit. But when you do, you’ll never want to let them out of your sight. Mom jeans are ideal and just comfy enough to kick around the house, but still cute enough to wear out for drinks with a nice top.

2000s: Tiny Purses

They may seem pointless, because all you can fit is a flip top phone and your cutest lip gloss, but these tiny bags are making a comeback in a big way. Worn by celebrities and supermodels alike, these bags are being walked down some of the biggest runways in high fashion. Embrace the tiny bag trend and get one in every colour.

2010s: We Would Rather Forget…

It’s too soon, we’re too traumatised about what we were wearing lately. Remember the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots with all the studs? The American Apparel Skater Dress and Rose Sweater? We’re going to need a minute before we pick up these Tumblr trends for round two.

What have you been vibing that’s a blast from the past? Let us know in the comments below!

Tess Patrick
Tess Patrick

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