Short, Sassy, and Stylish Hairstyle Ideas

Have you ever chopped off your long locks in exchange for a short bob? What about going from shoulder-length hair to a pixie cut? Even though a dramatic change like this can be daunting (and maybe even scary!), the exhilaration of seeing your new haircut for the first time is totally worth it!

Short hairstyles for women: curly pixie cut

Even if you’ve been touting short hair for a while now, shaking up your style can be the change you were looking for.

Below are some of our favorite short hairstyle ideas!

Bobs Galore

If you’ve never cut your hair short before, this could be the go-to style for you. A medium bob might go to your shoulders, but the average short bob would land somewhere between your shoulders and chin.

Short bobs are an especially cute haircut and can be a refreshing style to adopt in the summer. We love a short bob because it’s easy to grow out. Unlike a super short pixie cut, you won’t have to get your bob trimmed often to keep it in shape, unless you want to maintain the length.

We also love the fact that there are so many variations to bobs. Get creative with the following:

Simple Bob

Short hairstyles for women: bob

These won’t have too many layers – maybe just some very slight ones at the bottom to give the hair a softer edge. Without those, it might look like your hair was just chopped off!

Inverted Bob

Short hairstyles for women: inverted bob

An inverted bob will be shorter in the back and longer in the front. A very gradual incline can make for a subtle, dynamic look. A more obvious inversion can look bold and daring.

Layered Bob

Short hairstyles for women: layered bob

If you love the cute, boyish look of a pixie cut but aren’t ready for such a short hairstyle, then a heavily layered bob might be the solution for you! Enjoy the fun, choppy texture while keeping a bit of length.

Styling Short Bobs

Short hairstyles braided

One thing we love about bobs is that, in most cases, they’re not too short to style! For a bob that’s a little longer, curl the ends for a fun, sassy look. For a fashionable twist, do two French braids – one down each side of the head. Pro tip: keep the braids in overnight and your hair will be perfectly crimped by morning!

Seriously Short

Short hairstyles for women: long pixie cut

We love super short hairstyles like pixie cuts because they’re so easy to maintain on a daily basis. Shampooing is a breeze, and all you have to do in the morning is give your hair a quick brushing. The only downside is that you’ll have to get these styles trimmed often to keep them in perfect shape.

As earring fanatics, we especially love short cuts because they can totally show off your piercings! From the bottom of your lobes to the top of your cartilage, all of your earrings will be visible.

Below are some super short hairstyles that we love:

Layered Pixie Cut

Short hairstyles for women: pixie cut

This is what you might first envision when thinking of a pixie cut. The short, textured cut offers a cute, boyish look. When it starts to grow out, you can use gel to give it more volume or sweep it to the side.

Shaved Sides

Short hairstyles for women: shaved sides

Keep your hair a little longer on the top and shave the sides of your head. This hairstyle offers a modern, bold look. You can keep the hair on the top of your head relatively short and layered for a mild deviation from the traditional pixie cut, or grow it out longer to sweep it off to the side.

Buzz Cut

Short hairstyles for women: buzz cut

A common way for women to wear a buzz cut is to keep the hair a little long – long for a buzz cut, that is! Feel free to get closer to the scalp if you’re going for something more bold.

Mohawk or Fauxhawk

Make a statement by gelling up the top of your hair! If you have shaved sides or a pixie cut that’s growing out, this can be a fun look to try.

Cute Earrings for Short Hairstyles

With a short haircut, your earrings will be even more visible. This makes it extra important to keep your earring game on fleek with a monthly earring subscription! We’ll send you earrings that match your style so your collection will never grow old. Get 50% off your first month with code BLOG – click here to get started!


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