What To Know Before Buying A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes of all kinds have grown in popularity over the years. You can sign up to receive clothes, snacks, and even pet toys that come to your home monthly. One of the most popular types of subscription boxes, though, is for jewelry – and we can understand why! Who doesn’t love receiving a sparkling surprise in the mail every month?

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If you’ve been contemplating signing up for a subscription box – especially one for fashion – then look no further! We’ve got the info you’ve been seeking.

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Maybe you already pay a monthly subscription for your favorite streaming service or grocery delivery – is adding another monthly cost worth it? Well, that depends on a few things.

Before investing in a monthly subscription box, here are a few things you should consider:

Is this something that will bring me joy?

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This is one of the most important things to ask yourself! Whatever kind of subscription box you sign up for, you’ll want to make sure that receiving your items every month will actually bring you joy. When you envision receiving your box every month, does it bring a smile to your face? Do you think that monthly surprise will add a ray of sunshine and excitement to your day? If so, then it sounds like a great investment!

Is it an affordable subscription box?

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This is the other very important thing to consider before choosing a subscription box. Is the product you’ll be receiving actually worth the cost you’ll be paying each month?

Paying a pretty penny every month can take the fun out of a subscription box – that’s why, here at EarFleek, you can get a new earring every month for as low as $3.17! Despite being the cheapest, most inexpensive subscription box on the planet, we pride ourselves in providing top quality earrings and a top quality experience. 

How Do I Choose The Best Earring Subscription Box For Me?

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With so many options on the market, picking the right subscription box company can be a daunting choice! Be sure to consider the following things when picking a subscription box.


To what degree can you customize the items in your box? Is every month a total surprise, or do you get to choose the flavor of snacks, genres of comics, or styles of jewelry that you will receive? At EarFleek, we get a sense of our customers’ styles when they play our Swipe Game. That way, we can make sure we’re sending you something you’ll love every month.


Are there specific requirements that you need met from a subscription box? For example, do you have allergies that need to be accommodated by the products you’ll receive? This is very important for boxes that contain food, of course, but it’s also something to keep in mind when ordering an earring subscription box. Here at EarFleek, all of our earrings are 100% nickel-free and hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about getting an earring you love but can’t wear!

Rent or Keep?

Some subscription boxes require that you send all or some of the items back after the month is over. This is nice if you’re looking to test out a new outfit here and there, but it can be frustrating if you fall in love with a product that you want to keep at no additional cost. With EarFleek, the earrings you receive will be forever yours!

What To Look Out For In A Subscription Box

Choosing a subscription box

Cancellation Policies

Before subscribing to any subscription box, you’ll want to make sure you know how to get out of the subscription if you so desire. Does your subscription plan have a cancelation fee? Does it require that you cancel before the end of the month in order to avoid getting charged again? Reading up on the details can prevent headache in the future! Luckily for our EarFleek customers, we make canceling easy – you can do so from your account with no penalty.

Ratings and Reviews

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You can get a pretty good sense of how good a subscription box is by checking out the reviews. You can even find hints on social media – especially for jewelry subscription boxes. Are customers sharing pics of themselves wearing the jewelry? Does the jewelry look like it’s up your alley? If so, you may have found a great subscription box!

On that note, we think you’ll love our EarFleek Instagram account. We’re always sharing pictures of our happy customers! You can even read some of their testimonials here.

The Best Earring Subscription Box

EarFleek Subscriptions

Our earring subscription box is fun, affordable, and always in-style – it checks off all of the boxes! If you’re ready to give us a try, then you can get started here. Be sure to use code BLOG to get 50% off your first month – it’s our gift to you!

Written by Megan
Written by Megan

Megan is a writer and digital marketer living in the Pacific Northwest who subsists mostly on coffee. As a lover of travel, cat fostering, and cocktail making, she has a hard time deciding how to spend her free time (and usually just ends up watching Netflix).


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