5 Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether you’re crafty at heart or looking to be resourceful, making DIY Christmas gifts can be a wonderful alternative to buying something online. Not only do homemade gifts show extra effort, but they can also be extra special!

Homemade Christmas gifts

We love a good DIY project – especially an easy one! Below are our favorite DIY Christmas gift ideas that anyone can complete at home.

DIY Skincare Products

We love giving homemade skincare products as gifts, because you can usually use stuff you already have around the house to make them!

For a simple yet effective body scrub, combine a granulated sugar and nourishing oil. White sugar is great, but we also love using brown sugar for its lovely warm color. The best oils to use in body scrubs include virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil.

Homemade skincare gifts

Combine white sugar, coconut oil, and a dash of peppermint extract for an exfoliating, moisturizing, wintery hand scrub. Package it up nicely in a sanitized mason jar with a red and white bow!

Homemade Christmas gift

Mix brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil into a thick paste for the perfect lip scrub. It will keep lips hydrated during the cold winter, and it tastes delicious!

DIY skincare

For more DIY beauty ideas, check out our other recent blog.

Homemade Flower Earrings

DIY earrings

There are many different ways to craft jewelry at home. You may be familiar with techniques from your childhood like braiding bracelets or stringing beads together to make a necklace. Step up your DIY jewelry game this year with pressed flower earrings.

Turn a flower into a beautiful pair of earrings using resin or mod podge and earring hooks. You can acquire earring hooks online, or you can usually use jewelry pliers to detach hooks from an old pair of earrings that you no longer use. (Just be sure to sanitize those hooks before gifting them!)

DIY earrings

Start by pressing your flowers. With the flowers splayed open and placed on a paper towel, flatten them within the pages of a thick book for a couple of weeks.

Once they’re flattened and dried, you can paint them with a thick coat of resin or mod podge to seal them. You can also use a resin mold to seal them into a pendant. Pierce a hole through your creation to attach it to the earring hooks.

Knitting is Not Just for Grannies!

Bring out your inner fashionista and bless your family with some style this Christmas with some knitted gifts!

Knitted Christmas gifts

Not only will you learn a new hobby, but knitting will also allow you to gift your friends and family something warm and cozy for the winter season. We love chunky infinity scarves or slouchy beanies, as they’re easy to knit and are super in style.

Knitted Christmas toys

Knitting isn’t just for clothes! Level up your skills by knitting a plush toy for the youngsters or fur babies in your family. 

DIY Bottle Cap Bracelets

For a cute, sentimental gift, grab some bottle caps and printed photos. Cut the photos so that they can be glued to the inside of the bottle caps. (Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that the subjects in your photos are small enough to fit within the interior of the bottle cap!) Stick them on with a hot glue gun and seal the whole thing in a clear coat of mod podge.

DIY jewelry gift

Drill a small hole into the top of your bottle caps and attach a small wire ring through the hole. This will allow you to string the bottle caps together like a charm bracelet so that they can lay flat and the pictures can remain visible even while the bracelet is worn.

DIY jewelry gift

We love the idea of making matching bottle cap friendship bracelets by including pics of your favorite memories with you and your pals.

A Throw Pillow They’ll Never Throw Away

DIY throw pillows

Custom throw pillows are an easy gift to make. Acquire a solid-colored throw pillow and some fabric paint to start. Paint on a quote or inside joke that your giftee will love, and consider decorating around it with a design that will match their home décor.

DIY throw pillows

Get fancy with metallic paint – with a thick enough coat, you can paint over a patterned throw pillow for an even cuter design.

Keeping Your Style On Fleek No Matter the Season

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Written by Megan
Written by Megan

Megan is a writer and digital marketer living in the Pacific Northwest who subsists mostly on coffee. As a lover of travel, cat fostering, and cocktail making, she has a hard time deciding how to spend her free time (and usually just ends up watching Netflix).


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