3 Things to Spring Clean Other than Your Home

Spring cleaning

Spring is a time for renewal, and many of us are looking for ways to freshen up our living spaces. But aside from the typical spring cleaning tasks – like decluttering the closet and scrubbing corners that haven’t been touched in months – we wanted to take some time to look at other things that could use some spring cleaning.

Below are 3 ways to freshen up your life without whipping out the mop and broom!

Spring Clean your Social Media

social media

Have you ever found that certain accounts really stress you out while scrolling through your feed? Maybe you’ve noticed that a particular app tends to leave you unhappier after using it than you were before. This spring, we encourage you to take the time to tune in to the aspects of social media that wear you down and to spring clean your phone.

This could mean unfollowing or blocking certain accounts or even totally deleting an app if it is doing more harm than good to your mood. You might just find that you feel totally relieved after doing so!

Declutter Your Mind


Are your thoughts weighing you down? Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath and get re-centered. A great way to do this is through various breathing practices or meditation. There are many great apps out there for guided meditations – we particularly love Headspace and Insight Timer.

Springtime breathing

A simple breathing practice that helps to calm the nervous system and clear the mind goes as follows: slowly inhale for a count of 5, hold your breath for a count of 5, and then exhale for a count 8. The actual numbers don’t really matter here – what matters is that you’re focused on counting your breath, breathing slowly, and taking your time to exhale.

Taking a minute to completely focus on something simple – whether it’s a guided meditation or a few deep breaths – is a great way to calm down anxious or distracting thoughts. We recommend giving it a try!

Renew Your Wardrobe

Spring cleaning closet

Cleaning out your closet might already be something you do while spring-cleaning, but have you focused on refreshing your style? Take some time to rummage through your clothes and donate ones that you never wear or don’t feel good in anymore. Then, treat yourself by shopping for a new outfit or two to get your style back in season!

Even just ordering a new jacket or new pair of pants can really help to refresh your closet – mix and match your new picks with your existing clothes and see what kinds of new outfits you come up with!

Don’t Forget the Earrings!

EarFleek earrings

Go beyond the closet and freshen up your jewelry box this season! We love a fun pair of earrings for the spring. If you’re looking to revive your jewelry box, then an earring subscription might be just the thing for you. Here at EarFleek, we send new styles to your door every month. Sign up today and get 50% off your first month using code BLOG!

Written by Megan
Written by Megan

Megan is a writer and digital marketer living in the Pacific Northwest who subsists mostly on coffee. As a lover of travel, cat fostering, and cocktail making, she has a hard time deciding how to spend her free time (and usually just ends up watching Netflix).


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